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4 Ingredient Molten Nutella Lava Mug Cake

I actually just made it in the microwave! ! I put it for a minute or so…and the molten center was there!! It was really good!!

Now it obviously depends on the power of your microwave…so put it for a few seconds check up on it…and maybe add a few more seconds depending on what you get

Made this last night for my husband and he absolutely loved it!! The outside of the cake comes out a light, delicate, cake shell. When you peel away that first layer, you’re greeted to a liquid center. It’s amazing on its own or with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

This single serving molten Nutella lava mug cake couldn’t be easier. The recipe is just four ingredients and is eggless. Hopefully you will love me and not hate me for this one.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> 4 Ingredient Molten Nutella Lava Mug Cake @ kirbiecravings.com

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