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Chocolate Lasagna

Have made this a number of times for friends and family, ALWAYS a huge hit. Haven’t made it in awhile as I have found out I’m diabetic. Do you happen to know the carb count is ? If not that’s fine,just curious. Again great dessert. Very good, and a true chocolate lover crowd’s favorite.

I made this a few weeks ago. My first bite I said “Oh my goodness, this is amazing”. I am not the biggest chocolate lover but this dessert has converted me ! Amazing

This was great. I’ve started drizzling caramel ice cream topping on the top with the chocolate chips.Always at the request of family members since the first time I made it. Simply heavenly! 

A super easy irresistible chocolate layered dessert topped with a Cool Whip topping. Delicious!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Chocolate Lasagna @ thekitchensnob.com

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