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Cookie Bars Recipe

I made these cookie bars and they turned out great! I used 1 cup of all purpose flour and one cup of white whole wheat flour. I used mini mms instead of chocolate chips. The whole pan was gobbled up in one night. Easy and delicious recipe.

Oh my goodness these chocolate chip cookie bars are fabulous! These were perfect for the sweet tooth I was having! Quick and easy with hardly no mess. I didn’t have a the right pan but this worked in a rectangular one perfectly! Easy to make too. Kids can’t stop eating them.Great recipe! This one is a keeper in my recipe box!

I was looking for a chocolate chip cooke to make tonight that wasn’t my usual (very involved) recipe and these were great! The only thing I will do differently next time is add more chocolate chips, but that may just be me!

These are delicious!! A super quick alternative to chocolate chip cookies. Very chocolatey, chewy, and absolutely delicious!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Cookie Bars Recipe @ lilluna.com

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