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No Bake Caramel Cookies

I love how simple they are to make! Made these this morning and boy are they addictive lol I tend to scorch things on the stove ( I get distracted a bit too easy I guess) so I made it in the microwave. Since my butter and milk were cold – didn’t have evaporated milk so I just used “regular” milk – I cooked it on high for 9 minutes to get it to a full rolling boil. These are great if you just need that small hit of sugar now and then and I plan on experimenting with different flavors too like maybe banana pudding or coconut…the possibilities are endliess!

I used a 5.1 oz box of pudding. I absolutely love experimenting with recipes and think it is fantastic when readers do the same. Who knows how it will turn out. Heck, even if you have to eat these cookies with a spoon I bet they will taste good. And you can’t go wrong with adding chocolate chips and caramel!

These are amazing!!! Very quick, easy, and delicious! I used steel-cut oats for half the oats, because I ran out of regular oats, and it still worked great! Also did not have toffee bits on hand, so I substituted caramel bits. DELICIOUS! 

They did taste awesome however we did have to eat them with a spoon.. People at work were just cleaning them off the waxed paper with their fingers!

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