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French Silk Pie Fudge

FRENCH SILK PIE FUDGE is an absolute must make for Christmas! This cute and creative fudge is delicious, easy, and fun! Wow your holiday guests with this adorable twist on a holiday classic.

French Silk Pie has always been my very favorite pie. Something about that creamy chocolate, whipped cream topping, and cute chocolate curls on top. I just can’t get enough. This French Silk Pie Fudge emulates everything I love about the pie itself, but doubles as an amazing holiday gift! Wouldn’t you just love a coworker or family member to make this for you for Christmas?! I know I would! (fudge is always welcome on my doorstep!)

No Christmas dessert spread will be complete this year without this adorable French Silk Pie Fudge! I just can’t get enough, and I hope that you love it as much as we do!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> French Silk Pie Fudge @ thecookierookie.com

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