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London Fog Cake

I made this cake over the weekend… it is wonderful! London Fogs are freaking delicious. It’s so beautiful and perfectly prepared. This cake was awesome and the frosting was absolutely exquisite.

This cake turned out perfectly moist and tasty! I made the cream cheese version of the frosting and with that caramel sauce the whole thing was amazing! Took it as an extra welcome treat for newcomers at our church and got rave reviews! 

It is amazing! We followed the recipe to a t (no pun intended). It was easy to follow, fun to make (never made this kind of buttercream before, it’s wonderful), and ultimately delicious. Great recipe!

Trust me, fudgy chocolate cake, creamy Earl Grey, and salted caramel – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> London Fog Cake @ thecakeblog.com

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