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Mint Brownies with Chocolate Ganache

I made these yesterday. They were delicious! Although I have to add, this was a TON of ganache. I could have probably cut it to 1/4 the amount! We’ll definitely make them again though. Delicious. Very rich. These are gorgeous. Chocolate and mint are perfect together especially in brownies!

These brownies are a bit of work with three layers, but every layer is worth it. The sweetness of the fluffy mint buttercream is perfect against the smooth, richness of the ganache. If you have never made ganache before, I recommend doing a bit of reading from the internet with a few tips. It is simple in concept, but a bit of knowledge will help you make it awesome!

A fudgy mint brownie spread with a fluffy, mint buttercream and a rich, smooth chocolate ganache.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Mint Brownies with Chocolate Ganache @ chocolatewithgrace.com

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