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Chunky Monkey Breakfast Bake

This is an amazing breakfast meal. It is hard for me to eat breakfast because I work graveyard. But these dish is so easy and quick and delicious. Even my fiance, who doesnt like oatmeal, finds it to be pretty good. I use almond butter from trader joes and what a delight that is. 

Bananas, chocolate, and nuts… oh my! This healthy chunky monkey breakfast bake combines the light and fluffy texture of a muffin with the hearty staying power of baked oatmeal. It’s vegan, easily made gluten-free, and absolutely perfect for anyone who loves eating dessert for breakfast!

If you’re a fan of [healthy] muffins the size of your face and the combination of bananas, almond (or peanut) butter, and chocolate, I think you’ll love this chunky monkey breakfast bake.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Chunky Monkey Breakfast Bake @ runningwithspoons.com

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