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Easy Skillet Apple Pie

I made this pie yesterday and it was absolutely delicious! Easiest Apple Pie I have ever made. The hardest part was peeling the apples. I only had Granny Smith apples, so that is what I used. I did, however, added a bit more sugar because the apples were really tart. I also added a bit of Apple Pie seasoning along with the cinnamon. I made homemade whipped cream to serve along with it. YUM!! Definitely a keeper!! 

I’ve made this twice now and my husband says its the best pie he’s ate in his life!!!! This is GORGEOUS!! I love the deep rich brown color of this crust!

I will warn you that if you take a slice or two out and refrigerate the leftovers, you’ll see a gross film of hardened butter on the top of the sauce. Yeah, it’s not figure-friendly folks! Just skim that off and discard it or heat it up and forget you ever saw it. This pie is definitely a scene-stealer when served in the cast iron skillet. Bookmark this recipe for your upcoming holiday feasts!

classic apple pie with a layer of butter & brown sugar hidden underneath

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Easy Skillet Apple Pie @ sohowsittaste.com

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