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Vanilla Chai Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are absolutely amazing! The texture is delicately crispy and the flavor is sweet, chai spicy deliciousness. These are probably my new favorite cookies. And they were really quite easy to make. They make an excellent companion to black tea!

The good stuff is these cookies. These crisp and buttery shortbread cookies are laced with vanilla chai tea leaves and then dipped in a vanilla spice icing for the full effect. Did you know that Chai just means tea, what we often think of as Chai here in the states is actually Masala Chai which originated in India and is made with black tea, Indian spices, milk, and sugar. We just shortened it up as we often do and now associate Chai with creamy lattes rather than the straight up tea the word actually means.

These Vanilla Chai Shortbread Cookies are simple with a little spice and a whole lot of cozy! Made with loose tea leaves, flour, butter, and sugar, these cookies are easy and fast to make.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Vanilla Chai Shortbread Cookies @ sugarandsoul.co

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